Do You Do Commissions, Custom Orders, or Holds?
Alas, I am unable to accept custom orders at the moment.
I am a part-time potter, and unfortunately don't have enough hours in a day to be able to fulfill commissions as well as release regular shop updates.
In order to give everyone equal opportunity, I will not hold pieces - it is solely first come, first serve via Etsy updates.

When is your Next Shop Update?
I'm hoping to do a mid-sized update (around 30 pieces) by the end of November.
Specific date and time, TBA.

What Pieces Will be a Part of the Update?
If I have enough time, I will create a page on this website with a preview of the items I will have for sale.
There, I will post pictures of all or most of the pieces along with their designated number. The listing titles on Etsy will contain that number so you can find them quickly.
Tip: Hold down Ctrl & F on your keyboard (or use the search in page function on your mobile device) and search for the specific number of the piece you're interested in, in order to quickly locate it - they may not be listed in chronological order!

Tips for Purchasing
I am incredibly thankful for those of you who choose to bring my pieces into your home, it's a genuine dream come to fruition every time you do! I have to pinch myself when I say the following:
* * * Most pieces that are listed during my Etsy Updates tend to sell very quickly. Seriously, within 5 - 10 minutes from the moment I activate them!  ('o') * * *
In order to snag a piece, I recommend two things:
1) Have my shop page open and refreshed the minute listings are activated. Once I have a specific date and time I plan to do an update, I will list that information here as well as in my profile description on Instagram.
2) Have your Etsy account already set up with your payment and shipping information saved so that when you click to buy a piece you can proceed through the checkout process quickly. Having a piece in your cart, or even mid-check out does not guaranty it for you. It is only yours once you finish the last step in the purchasing process, and if someone else clicks that button a moment quicker, you may miss out on that sale.

How to Care for Your Handmade Clay Baby
All of my pieces are food, microwave (*unless they have gold luster!), and dishwasher safe.
As a personal preference though, any piece of handmade pottery I have ever bought I have dedicated to washing by hand. The pieces are able to withstand the dishwasher, but I like to take care of handmade items with the same amount of love and care that was put into them!
*If the piece has gold luster anywhere on it, do NOT put it in the microwave. Bad things will happen, chaos will ensue. You have been warned!

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