Etsy Update will be:
February 10, 2019 at 6 pm Central Time
Tips for Purchasing
I am incredibly thankful for those of you who choose to bring my pieces into your home, it's a genuine dream come to fruition every time you do! I have to pinch myself when I say the following:

Most pieces that are listed during my Etsy Updates tend to sell very quickly. Seriously, within 5 - 10 minutes from the moment I activate them!  ('o')
Be there on time!
Don't forget about any time zone differences! The update time I post is Central Time - you can do an online search to see when that will be in your time zone.
Have my Etsy shop open a minute or so before the update goes live, and once the official time hits, refresh your page until you see the items listed.
Each item will be numbered. Find your favorite by doing a quick search!
Log in to your Etsy Account
Create one if you don't already have one, and have your card and shipping info saved for a quick checkout.
Just because an item is in your cart does not mean it is reserved for you. Someone else may finish the payment process quicker for the same item, effectively removing the item from your cart.
Plan on buying multiple pieces?
It may be better to complete one check out before going back for more, ensuring no one will purchase the item in your cart in the meantime.
I do my best to combine shipping for multiple pieces and will refund you the difference in postage.
Note about colors in photos:
I have not edited my photos to manipulate the colors, but they are taken in various locations and light scenarios and so have slight differences depending on the light you're looking at them in. This February batch was photographed in a slightly shady garage, with the sun starting to set - so in a sunnier setting or bright light they are a warmer hue.
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